1. Bots and Dual Boxing

- Dual-boxing is permitted, but the use of Vesela Shaiya or any other bot program is prohibited and if caught using it you will be banned immediately. If you want to play the game then play it. If your to lazy to grind, i suggest you go play another game.

2. Lost or Stolen Items

- GMs do not restore lost or dropped items. The only items that will be restored will be donator items in the event of a rollback or wipe. If you plan to let someone borrow your items i would highly suggest you trust them.

3. Account Rules

- Every user at Vesela Shaiya is responsible for the security of their own account information. Vesela Shaiya STAFF WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD!!! IF somone that claims to be a GM asks you for your password, report them on the forums so we can bann them! Vesela Shaiya will not return items or adena that are stolen from your account! It is extremely important that every player take the nessecary precautions to safe guard their account information.


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